Film vs. Digital

I did some portraits of a woman for her online dating profile.  The goal for that sort of thing is to make sure to capture the person the way they really look when they are feeling good!  Sure, a bathroom selfie can show that, but…let’s get the lighting right!  Anyway, this particular person went on to find someone she really loves online and credits me for that.  I told her, no way, that was all her…her beautiful and interesting self…just lit properly 😉  I cant’ share those here since that was a private session, but trust me, she was very cool!

On a completely different note, a question I encounter over and over is the old film vs. digital debate.  I mostly shoot digital these days, since I can deliver a much faster turnaround time and don’t have to charge as much.  However, I do feel that film has a certain quality that digital still has not reached.  I used to spend hours in the darkroom…I miss that, but not the harsh chemicals.  Here are a few shots done with film.




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