Why I am NOT an Intimidating Photographer!

I will get into many undignified positions to get the shot…seriously…

I will probably forget to take off the lens cap at first…

You will be rocking out to the music of your choice!

You can pose with a bear sword if you want!

I will explain why I have a bear sword in the first place…

I know the good angles!

We will style you to look like you at your best, or play dress-up!

If you don’t like a shot, it gets deleted…I’m here to make you look good!

If I need to entertain you by dancing on a chair, I have and will do that!

Oh…and I might put goldfish crackers on you…or something equally ridiculous 🙂

Niomi and Goldfish…NO photoshop! The light reflected the couch color on her skin…

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