4 thoughts on “Instruments

  1. Hi ☺ A question. In your previous set of shots there was very much a real harmony (no pun intended) between person and instrument. In these the instrument is, as you say, clearly a prop. Do you believe that it is possible to have a nude or semi-nude subject and a musical instrument and not have the model’s body drag attention from the story of them as a musician. PS: i do love your photos but as an artist myself my brain asks such questions.


    1. Good question! The last set was more about the musician themselves, playing. The one in the dress was for a fashion shoot, so more about the dress. As for the other two, I liked the color of her skin against the piano. As for the harp, this was one of the last shoots in the apt I grew up in, and I used to play, so more of a somber goodbye type thing 🙂

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