Color Nude – Io

What to do when you find yourself on autopilot, turning everything black and white?  Switch it up!  This is Io, a wonderful alt model I’d been wanting to work with for quite some time, then finally ended up living in the same state!


6 thoughts on “Color Nude – Io

  1. The light blue background works well with the skin colours, making them seem pinker 🙂 I also like the black fabric(?) on the lower right matching her hair and the emphasis given by the shadow on the left. These things frame her. A good composition 🙂 Well done!

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  2. BTW – I hope you don’t mind me deconstructing your photos like I do. My wife finds it very irritating the fact that I tend to deconstruct everything that I observe (pictures, books, films, TV series, architecture, etc)


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