Unapologetically Bottomless

Heather and I get a little silly at times (gotta have fun while shooting, it’s my law), and I was seeing and shooting way too many just topless shots, so we decided to reverse that concept.  I love the look in her eyes…a hint challenging yet at the same time, perfectly natural standing there.


4 thoughts on “Unapologetically Bottomless

  1. I’m going to be facetious and say you can never get too many topless shots ☺ Jokes aside, i love the framing by the doorway but would also have loved to have seen more use of that wonderful red curtain in the background. When you spoke about the challenge in her eyes that immediately made me think of a well-known 19th century nude portrait but can i remember the painting’s name? No 😕 This said i think a hint of challenge appropriate. Well done! ☺


  2. PS: I just thought I would clarify. When i say more use of the red curtain i don’t mean instead of this photo construction I mean in addition to it (subsequent photos using it).


      1. LOL They are such a strong color and hence a perfect contrast for certain skin complexions. Also, as skin tends to be flat and smooth, some deep folds in the fabric provide excellent texture (don’t think that is correct word but you know what i mean) contrast. Especially if you could achieve blue shadows in the folds. ☺


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