Age? Just a Number…

I hear lots and lots of moaning about aging, being too old to look hot, why bother…

Well, guess what?  It’s never too late.  I’ve done several shoots with women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70+ and they were so much fun to do.  Why?  How much they ended up ENJOYING it…it actually brought out a very youthful energy in them as they relaxed into it.  A little sparkle and mischievous smile and we’re in business.  I kind of loved having to tell a friends mom to show more leg.

Unfortunately, I can’t share most of that here since they were private shoots and I have to respect people’s privacy.  I will show you Jennifer, a model not in her teens or 20’s (bet you can’t guess exactly), showing how to work it…

If you’re in or around NYC, please feel free to contact me here about setting up a shoot:  Book a Shoot!


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