Camera + Blades

My last shoot in NYC…and a perfect day to post this wintery one since we just got hit with a snowstorm.

Maria contacted me about doing some shots of her skating, so off to Wollman Rink I went, armed with camera.  This was really fun, and a challenge since I’ve never shot a skater before.  With the dancers, it’s a little easier since they can strike a pose…yes, often it requires timing for kicks and jumps, but strap some blades to their feet and send them flying around a sheet of ice?  Totally different ballgame!  I had to learn her specific timing and be ready when she took off.  Total blast.  I learned all sorts of things about the life of a skater, and the differences between jumps.  That’s always a cool bonus for me, getting to chat and learn about what the subject really loves to do.


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