Road Trip Time

Left NYC and taking the long way to Seattle…all I have so far are quickie phone shots, but thought I’d share anyway.

Road trip, day 1. Observations: the fireworks store is open 24/7 all year round for your firework needs. The adult superstore sign is about 10 feet away from the church sign. Snow covered farms are indeed picturesque. Sorry manspreaders, and showtime pole dancers…I prefer the open road to the subway. Onward!


Road trip, day 2. Observations: don’t worry, fireworks are still plentiful. I never noticed how much I needed fresh air until I actually breathed some. Godsends include bananas and hand sanitizer. The more south you go, the cheaper the gas. Macaroni and cheese is under the vegetable section on the menu. Long rides are perfect for productive discussions. I kind of wanted to prank call the billboard that said “available” and a phone number. In conclusion, I’m shocked my husband didn’t try to trade the truck for the gorgeous custom build motorcycle we encountered.



Road trip, day 3. Observations: started in frost, ended up in T-shirt weather. Driving is not my favorite, especially when every 18 wheeler ever is on the road. Alabama skies are, in fact, so blue…but Skynard neglected to mention the traffic in Birmingham. Trees grow in ponds. Grossest thing on the trip so far? Jerky in the form of chewing tobacco…still marveling in horror over that one. Landed in New Orleans till Sunday. I learned you don’t have to flash anybody for dollar store beads…they get hurled directly onto your dinner plate…while you’re on a second story balcony. Any of those sportsball teams need a pitcher or whatever? I’ve got your guy. I kept the green beads, because the pink ones obviously had to go to the husband…



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