Road Trip, Part 3

Road trip, day 8. Observations: Arizona desert failed to live up to the heat stereotype. Back into winter jackets till we arrived in Cali. Stopped for gas at an old school store, where they eyed my husband suspiciously and asked how he’d found them. Uh…the gas icon on the gps.  Our bad? Pausing in SoCal till sat. Who’s house? Moms house! Lilly immediately leapt into her garden planters, trying to dig up the Swiss chard. We’ll work on that. Redirected her to the beach…

Road trip, day 9.  Observations:  Good to catch up with friends. Spotted: whale spouts and dolphins. Ocean = zen time. Kitchen conversations at moms house = hilarity.

Road trip, day 10. Observations: the chickens at moms house eat as well, or possibly better than the humans. Nutzo is the hot new healthy product in her kitchen…it’s a spread made of 5 different nuts, plus flax and chia seeds…I just like hearing her say Nutzo. One cannot just pick up any seashell off the beach…it needs to be of a certain standard. Buying pelmeni on Amazon is highly discouraged by Russians and Bulgarians. Homemade pizza is epic when the person making it knows what they’re doing. Watching my very petite mother accuse my very large husband of being a chicken will make me smirk repeatedly.


Road trip, day 11. Observations: hard to leave the bubble that is Del Mar…perfect weather, ocean, mom. She has artwork by me all over the house, from age 3 and up. Driving anywhere near L.A. would try the patience of a saint. Made it past, and settled in Paso Robles. No fireworks anywhere to be found. Long overdue dinner with Zina. Lilly is overjoyed to be reunited with Slinky. Slinky is indifferent and lords over us all.


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