Road Trip, Part 4 (Final)

Road trip, day 12. Observations: breakfast with my high school best friend at her farm (Loo Loo Farm with yummy duck eggs), complete with puppy kisses…ridiculous levels of cute. Managed to avoid all the sportsball traffic…miracles do happen.  San Francisco armory tour and dinner with the awesome Ryan. Too sleepy to even write this. Have some puppies.  Armory shots will come a different day…because they just don’t quite go with puppies.

Road trip, day 13. Observations: I need more breakfasts with my husband and Ryan. Concepts like getting your brakes fixed before driving near Yosemite so you don’t fall off the edge are important to realize. Rear tires too. All this vehicle stuff is complicated. Windy roads are…an adventure. Apparently if you turn off all the lights everywhere, you see things called stars. What sorcery is this? If it’s possible to be high on fresh air, consider me flying.  You don’t get much of either living in NYC…


Road trip, day 14. Observations: I didn’t want to leave Yosemite ever. You could bottle and sell that air. Except in the restrooms, which were something out of a horror movie. Easily forgotten, though, as you take in the outside beauty. Crows stare haughtily, waiting for you to be stupid enough to drop your lunch. So glad we had our brakes fixed or I might not be typing this. Leaving Yosemite is a challenge itself…narrow, winding roads, where boulders rest comfortably, blocking the view of oncoming cars. The trucks, of course, had to make their appearance as well. Props to the husband for getting us down alive. Less glamours stops included the Belching Choir Gas Station. Sailed past the motels that looked like you might get murdered and settled in for the evening…I wanna go back to Yosemite!

Road trip, day 15. Observations: calling my favorite chef and demanding he entertain us turned into a really entertaining recipe brainstorming session. Anyone who knows the husbands food combinations should rightfully be cringing right now. Lack of reception in the mountains cut it off before it got truly bad. More pretty scenery, and long discussions. If it’s possible for Applebees to knock up an Olive Garden, that’s where we had dinner.  Tasty and not quite healthy.  It’s our last night before we reach our destination. Part of me is relieved, part of me wants to keep going…still plenty to see, I’m sure. It’s been fun.  But I think Lilly here has had it…what a trooper.


Road trip, day 16. Observations: final entry…we have arrived in Seattle! Woke up to rain which seemed quite fitting. Arrived at my brothers house, broke in, and immediately took control of the washing machine. Relieved that Lilly and her cousin Shadow get along beautifully. Bonus: Shadow didn’t try to eat Slinky. Big shout out to the pets for handling this move like champs. Happy reunion with the fam. My nephew was sent to retrieve four beers from the downstairs refrigerator. He came back, handed my brother two. When he was instructed to get two more, he gave my brother a smirk, and with a level of slickness usually only found in pro bartenders, whipped the other two out of his pocket. Well played, kiddo…well played. Zusev over and out.


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