A Moment of Peace

I loved the air in Yosemite.  Amazingly clean after all those years in NY.  When traveling with pets, hotels tend to place you in rooms away from other customers, and that’s fine with me.  It meant this very private back deck to hang out on with no one else around.  Took the opportunity to do this:  it’s a collaborative effort between my husband and I (he clicked, I directed and edited)…I was probably a pain in his butt, demanding very particular angles and moving so he wouldn’t take others.  Photographer power struggle!  Anyway, I decided to do this after some negative feelings and thoughts…call it a healing technique.  The air felt amazing on my skin and everything just went quiet…bliss.

DSC_6955 (1)

To be perfectly transparent, I’m posting this to remind myself of that quiet…posting this feels stranger that actually taking the shot, but it’s all a process…a fun one!  And this also serves as vengeance for all my subjects that I may have frozen over the years 😉

If you’d like to give healing photography a try, please click here to request a shoot and we’ll talk!  http://www.123contactform.com/form-1455719/

6 thoughts on “A Moment of Peace

  1. Gorgeous picture, thank you for sharing. The hard work of you and your husband really did pay off.

    I hope that this heals your soul just as much as your work heals others.

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