Personal growth ain’t always pretty, darlings…sometimes you have to get messy, get raw, get primal, and get REAL.  I wanted to capture that here…no makeup, and no skin retouching whatsoever.  And you know what?  I felt a really cool surge of power after shooting this.  I felt free.  Do the scary thing, whatever that means for you.

DSC_3964 (1)


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6 thoughts on “Primal

  1. You haven’t been shy about sharing nudes of yourself with us before this one, but this picture and the blog post personify, for me, what makes art nudes so beautiful. It takes courage, real courage, to allow the world to see you without the protective armor of your clothing. Add to that everything that makes this picture “raw”… no makeup, no brushing of the hair, lipstick etc. and this picture becomes more than just a nude, as it reveals not just your bare body, but your bare soul, which makes this even more gorgeous than most nudes because of the power it takes to overcome physical and emotional vulnerabilities.

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this with us!

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