Lingerie Shoots

Lingerie shoots are one of my most requested shoots.  Sometimes it’s as a gift to the models significant other, but more often than not, it’s just for her, to make her feel sexy and confident!  Curious?  Give it a try…you too, gentlemen!

One crazy story:  I was at a womans house as she wanted to surprise her husband with some pin up style lingerie photos.  She looked great, but was nervous, which is entirely normal at the beginning.  The moment she got the courage to ditch the robe?  Ding Dong!  It was the Jehova’s Witnesses.  She clutched her robe tight and explained that, thank you, she already has that book while I chased the dog, who of course managed to bolt the second she opened the door.  I’m happy to report that the shoot still went well after that!

christen22 DSC_0040

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