More work with Miss Angel Inez and her lovely ink.  She took me to this extraordinary location…abandoned stables about 1.5 hours north of Seattle.  It was spooky, sad, beautiful, and strange all at once.  I love the little leaves and plants that popped up amid the ruins.  Can’t stop Mama Nature, ruins or not…

Group Shoot in Seattle!


Liz and Lyz are teaming up for an awesome group photo shoot! 

We’ve both noticed that our photo subjects feel a boost in confidence after sessions with us.  Now, more than ever, this is a necessary thing, so we’re joining forces and doing our part to give that boost to more people on a wider scale.  Please join us for a group photo shoot with the theme of strength, positivity, and healing!

We are offering digital, web sized portraits FREE!

8×10 prints will be available for order for $20, and 25% of that will go to the charity of YOUR choice!

Want to dress up like a super hero?  Great!  Want to break out that face paint?  Perfect!  Want a classic portrait?  You got it!  Want to express an emotion?  We’ll capture it!  Nervous and never been shot before?  We’ve got your back!

Family friendly, so feel free to bring the future, aka, your kids.

We will have a few props on hand, but feel free to bring your own.  No punch and pie, but there WILL be lollipops!  And confidence!  And healing!

December 4th, 2016 at Noon

Gasworks Park

Seattle, WA

“The Diva”

Headshot time!  This is actress Anita the Diva…we go back to my high school days, as she was the theater director there.  We both ended up on the west coast, so she packed up her huskies and came to visit me for a headshot session.  This is her “villain” look, one of the assigned portraits she needed for her agency.  Good times, and yet another perk of moving west.


Ok, ok…I’ll show you the smiling one too…


Persephone Awakening

So now that the time change has happened, I’m doing what I can to stay awake and positive.  Yep, one of those people that struggles with winter blues and it’s not pretty.  Gotten better at handling it though!  I shot this series as more of a springtime thing, but I’m posting it today because it’s gray, rainy, and dark at 4:30.  Sometimes reminders of the spring to come are helpful.


DSC_1997 (1)





Anyway, I wanted to capture awakening, sensuality, and a smile with Jenna here.  Thank you, as always, for listening.

What You Don’t See

I enjoy chatting while I shoot, and learning about different experiences.  People often think models are dumb, and pretty is all there is to them, but I’ve worked with an amazing group of people from all different walks of life, and am happy to report that they’ve been intelligent and awesome on many levels.  For example:

Former NICU and prenatal nurse, current VP
Film maker and Actress
Opera Singer and Clothing Designer
Owner and Founder of Clockwork Couture
Software Engineer