Revisiting Vulnerability…again

It’s been a strange time lately.  A lot has been changing and I’m not sure I’ve given my brain the space it needs to catch up.  I took these softer self portraits today in an attempt to distract myself from All The Feelings.  Didn’t work and that’s probably a good thing.  Many perceive me as a bit of a hard ass, but this is definitely part of me too.


I often feel the emotions of people around me, or the emotions of people I love from a distance.  I used to fall into the role of diplomat/mediator because people having a conflict would agitate me so much, feeling both sides at once.  Getting yelled at?  Like taking a few daggers.  I’ve tended to fall into depressions because shutting down became a requirement.  I know I’ve given myself rough edges and even been kinda scary to some just to keep them at arms length.  On the plus side, this has made me a good listener.  I’ve learned to separate myself and take time to figure out what’s mine and what is coming from someone else.  Now, I can sit with people while they process their pain and help them to the other side.

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