Farmers Market Loot

Still life shots…a quiet, meditative process I enjoy, especially during a quiet, rainy afternoon…



I’ve been spending many weekends at the Ballard Farmers Market in Seattle…I like supporting the locals while getting amazingly delicious produce.  All the rain out here makes for some extra tasty crops…and photo subjects, of course.




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Camera + Blades

My last shoot in NYC…and a perfect day to post this wintery one since we just got hit with a snowstorm.

Maria contacted me about doing some shots of her skating, so off to Wollman Rink I went, armed with camera.  This was really fun, and a challenge since I’ve never shot a skater before.  With the dancers, it’s a little easier since they can strike a pose…yes, often it requires timing for kicks and jumps, but strap some blades to their feet and send them flying around a sheet of ice?  Totally different ballgame!  I had to learn her specific timing and be ready when she took off.  Total blast.  I learned all sorts of things about the life of a skater, and the differences between jumps.  That’s always a cool bonus for me, getting to chat and learn about what the subject really loves to do.


Freezing Nude

Here’s one of the results from the outdoor December shoot!  Believe it or not, this is in New York City…the Hudson River is to the right, and a stone wall that thankfully no one peered over is on the left.  A hidden spot in Ft. Tryon park with these wild branches.  Heather was a trooper, and before you think I’m too mean, it was 52 out…


Persephone Awakening

So now that the time change has happened, I’m doing what I can to stay awake and positive.  Yep, one of those people that struggles with winter blues and it’s not pretty.  Gotten better at handling it though!  I shot this series as more of a springtime thing, but I’m posting it today because it’s gray, rainy, and dark at 4:30.  Sometimes reminders of the spring to come are helpful.


DSC_1997 (1)





Anyway, I wanted to capture awakening, sensuality, and a smile with Jenna here.  Thank you, as always, for listening.