Limited Edition Print


I’m only printing 10 of these…ever!  They will be printed on absolutely gorgeous 16×20 metallic finish paper…this deluxe quality archival paper has a subtle shimmer to it that brings out the colors and depth in the image.

This image feature Ballerina Brittany Cavaco in the Meatpacking district of New York City.  Each one will be signed by myself, and numbered.

Get yours here!  Limited Edition Print

Beauty and the Beast

I’m back in NY this week, and lucky for me, Brittany was here yesterday.  She got up crazy early to make it…and then we did…this.  I was iffy about asking, but she’s fearless in her modeling.  She’s a trooper.DSC_8297

Um.  And here’s the “behind the scenes” shot from right after….oops.




Black and White Ballet


Brittany Cavaco in Central Park…

Seattle is slowly blooming, which I’m always happy to see.  A splash of color appearing on the mostly gray background is definitely invigorating.  I should have some new work coming out in the next couple of weeks…Seattleites, contact me if you’d like to shoot!