Little Hints of Naughty

I get it.  You may reeeeaaaaallly want to try a boudoir photo shoot, for yourself or as a gift…but then, all the “what if” thoughts start.  What if someone else sees?  What if we break up?  What if someone from work recognizes me?  What if I’m just too shy?  And depending on your life/career, these concerns can vary in strength.  Don’t want so-and-so from marketing to be whispering about your sexy photos by the water cooler?  I hear you.

Guess what?  You can work around that!  I’m showing some samples of sensual images that range in identity…you don’t even have to take anything off, or even show your face, if you don’t want to.  It’s all about choice, and what you think will make you feel comfortable.


Let’s talk.  You tell me your concerns/boundaries, and we’ll work around that.

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Group Shoot Results

I held my first group shoot last Sunday, and it was FUN.  I decided to do this as a response to the negativity many have experienced in 2016, and give people a boost.

By some miracle, the sun decided to appear, almost oppressively.  We had a small, but very positive turnout with plenty of variety.  These brave souls braved the cold at Gasworks Park and have allowed me to share these with you.  Thanks all!

Speaking of permission to share images, something I encounter a lot is people feeling nervous that their pictures will end up where they don’t want them.  Bottom line is, if people don’t want me to share their pictures, I won’t.  As much as I’d love to show you the pictures of my niece from that day, she drew a boundary about being posted on the internet, and I respect that.

Might do this again in spring, when the cherry blossoms are out!

Dress Up For Grown Ups

Meet another photographer named Elizabeth that lives in WA!  We met under one of those “you two should meet” situations and we got together to shoot on Sunday.  She’s a cosplayer, and let me tell you…SO well armed with wigs, fun contacts, every color of eyeshadow ever, etc.  Girl knows how to play dress up like a champ!


DSC_7708 DSC_7613


Slinky, of course, was his usual pain in the butt self…so here’s yet another entry for the “Cats Interrupting Photo Shoots” series…




Leaping Forward


I’m slowly learning Seattle, taking it one step at a time.  In the pauses between rain, the sky opens up into beautiful cloud formations.  It takes me some time to get my bearings in a new place, so I’m posting Veronica here as a reminder to keep leaping forward.  I’m excited to shoot here…the bright, yet cloudy sky will function as perfect outdoor lighting.

A Moment of Peace

I loved the air in Yosemite.  Amazingly clean after all those years in NY.  When traveling with pets, hotels tend to place you in rooms away from other customers, and that’s fine with me.  It meant this very private back deck to hang out on with no one else around.  Took the opportunity to do this:  it’s a collaborative effort between my husband and I (he clicked, I directed and edited)…I was probably a pain in his butt, demanding very particular angles and moving so he wouldn’t take others.  Photographer power struggle!  Anyway, I decided to do this after some negative feelings and thoughts…call it a healing technique.  The air felt amazing on my skin and everything just went quiet…bliss.

DSC_6955 (1)

To be perfectly transparent, I’m posting this to remind myself of that quiet…posting this feels stranger that actually taking the shot, but it’s all a process…a fun one!  And this also serves as vengeance for all my subjects that I may have frozen over the years 😉

If you’d like to give healing photography a try, please click here to request a shoot and we’ll talk!

Camera + Blades

My last shoot in NYC…and a perfect day to post this wintery one since we just got hit with a snowstorm.

Maria contacted me about doing some shots of her skating, so off to Wollman Rink I went, armed with camera.  This was really fun, and a challenge since I’ve never shot a skater before.  With the dancers, it’s a little easier since they can strike a pose…yes, often it requires timing for kicks and jumps, but strap some blades to their feet and send them flying around a sheet of ice?  Totally different ballgame!  I had to learn her specific timing and be ready when she took off.  Total blast.  I learned all sorts of things about the life of a skater, and the differences between jumps.  That’s always a cool bonus for me, getting to chat and learn about what the subject really loves to do.



First shoot of 2016!  Oh my.  Memorize this face, people…you’re going to see her on stage someday!  This is one talented woman!  Ashleigh came to New York from Melbourne to study acting/singing/dance and we got together to do some dance shots.


You can tell when someone really loves what they do, and it’s crystal clear that she does…


I learned how to levitate people with my camera…kidding…her jumps are pretty amazing…


After several poses, jumps, and outfit changes (more in a later post), I felt that she needed to feel free to move how she wanted, so I decided to not worry about backgrounds, chairs, or exit signs and just have her dance the way she wanted to.  Holy eff.  What I witnessed in that moment was so special…


Backgrounds, outfits, and fabric are fun, but nothing compared to just watching her do her thing.  It was hard for me to remember to even click the shutter and I was tearing up behind my glasses…an amazing and passionate performance!  My only regret is having so little time with Ashleigh before I move to Seattle (next week, yikes), but I’m so thankful we met.

Freezing Nude

Here’s one of the results from the outdoor December shoot!  Believe it or not, this is in New York City…the Hudson River is to the right, and a stone wall that thankfully no one peered over is on the left.  A hidden spot in Ft. Tryon park with these wild branches.  Heather was a trooper, and before you think I’m too mean, it was 52 out…