First shoot of 2016!  Oh my.  Memorize this face, people…you’re going to see her on stage someday!  This is one talented woman!  Ashleigh came to New York from Melbourne to study acting/singing/dance and we got together to do some dance shots.


You can tell when someone really loves what they do, and it’s crystal clear that she does…


I learned how to levitate people with my camera…kidding…her jumps are pretty amazing…


After several poses, jumps, and outfit changes (more in a later post), I felt that she needed to feel free to move how she wanted, so I decided to not worry about backgrounds, chairs, or exit signs and just have her dance the way she wanted to.  Holy eff.  What I witnessed in that moment was so special…


Backgrounds, outfits, and fabric are fun, but nothing compared to just watching her do her thing.  It was hard for me to remember to even click the shutter and I was tearing up behind my glasses…an amazing and passionate performance!  My only regret is having so little time with Ashleigh before I move to Seattle (next week, yikes), but I’m so thankful we met.

Black and White Ballerina

Back to natural light for a few shots…there are times when ditching the lighting setup and going natural is so much better.  I love transforming the feel of environments.  This was shot in my apartment, which is usually not so great with daylight, but it’s all in the timing and settings.  We’ll just leave the laundry I still need to put away out of the shot (Mom, don’t look at me like that)!  Anyway, Brittany here is so elegant…I love how she adds to the dreamy effect.


Please click the photo if you’re interested in a print!