Sam Spade Meets Fosse


This is one of my last shoots in apt 1003, and I can’t take credit for the concept.  Theda came with the idea to do a Maltese Falcon/Sam Spade turned into a Fosse/burlesque type thing, so we took full advantage of the pre-war setting.  This was after I had her doing strange gymnastics in the fireplace…


TBT, as the kids say…

Going to jump on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon today.  This is a self portrait, taken at college.  I’m pretty sure my lighting consisted of a harsh desk lamp while I was crammed into a loft bed space in my dorm room.  This is the time I learned film and darkroom developing…lots of harsh chemicals, but lots of fun.  I miss those days when I had hours and hours to spend in the darkroom.  It gave me a very tranquil feeling…expose, develop, rinse, repeat.