Group Shoot in Seattle!


Liz and Lyz are teaming up for an awesome group photo shoot! 

We’ve both noticed that our photo subjects feel a boost in confidence after sessions with us.  Now, more than ever, this is a necessary thing, so we’re joining forces and doing our part to give that boost to more people on a wider scale.  Please join us for a group photo shoot with the theme of strength, positivity, and healing!

We are offering digital, web sized portraits FREE!

8×10 prints will be available for order for $20, and 25% of that will go to the charity of YOUR choice!

Want to dress up like a super hero?  Great!  Want to break out that face paint?  Perfect!  Want a classic portrait?  You got it!  Want to express an emotion?  We’ll capture it!  Nervous and never been shot before?  We’ve got your back!

Family friendly, so feel free to bring the future, aka, your kids.

We will have a few props on hand, but feel free to bring your own.  No punch and pie, but there WILL be lollipops!  And confidence!  And healing!

December 4th, 2016 at Noon

Gasworks Park

Seattle, WA

High School Sweethearts

You know what’s kind of ridiculous?  I’ve had these two in my life for about 15 years and never once shot them together.  If you’ve been following for awhile, you know I’ve shot Heather, oh, a billion times or so, and David one other time.  He and I became fast friends in college, and I inherited his lovely wife through him.  We live in separate states and they have kids, so it’s hard for us to all get together in NY at the same time, but we finally managed, and here they are.  I prefer working with real couples as opposed to models pretending to be couples because the chemistry there is authentic…these two have been together since high school…impressive!



Lucky 13th Anniversary!

Well…it’s my 13th wedding anniversary, so that gives me an opportunity to share one of my oldest shots.  This was taken about a week after we got married.  As you can see, my husband was in the Navy at the time and we had to rush off to get married before he shipped out to Japan.  We got married in a court in Flagstaff, AZ and exchanged rings at the grand canyon…where he almost slipped off the edge!  Very grateful for that handy branch he grabbed onto.  Our honeymoon consisted of a drive across the country back to the east coast, and it was a blast…and a great way to spend time together for the many months we spent apart.  We arrived home, and I demanded we do this since we didn’t on the actual day.  I shot this myself with a tripod and timer.  Grainy, horrible scan, but I like it 🙂


Film vs. Digital

I did some portraits of a woman for her online dating profile.  The goal for that sort of thing is to make sure to capture the person the way they really look when they are feeling good!  Sure, a bathroom selfie can show that, but…let’s get the lighting right!  Anyway, this particular person went on to find someone she really loves online and credits me for that.  I told her, no way, that was all her…her beautiful and interesting self…just lit properly 😉  I cant’ share those here since that was a private session, but trust me, she was very cool!

On a completely different note, a question I encounter over and over is the old film vs. digital debate.  I mostly shoot digital these days, since I can deliver a much faster turnaround time and don’t have to charge as much.  However, I do feel that film has a certain quality that digital still has not reached.  I used to spend hours in the darkroom…I miss that, but not the harsh chemicals.  Here are a few shots done with film.




Leaving Home

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This was an emotional session as it was the last shoot I did in my childhood home.  I better introduce Heather while I’m at it, as she’s a dear friend and the model I’ve worked the most consistently with.  I recruited her to help me with this project…get by with a little help from your friends, etc.  We ended up having a blast doing this so I’m glad I did.  Especially since this apartment was used in a horror movie…I’d like to immortalize the space in my own way, thanks!