Yes, it’s about time for some more man candy up in this joint…

David is an actor/model, and my second instagrammer.  It’s fun for me to meet and work with people I meet on instagram.  Anyway, he let me know that he was coming to Seattle last Tuesday, so we decided to get together and shoot.  Thankfully, he is a cat person, as Slinky pulled his usual diva stunts…


Meet my first male nude subject ever!  I’m not even sure how long ago this was! I’d been shooting mostly women for a few years, and a few clothed males when Eric contacted me.  He was experienced in posing nude already, and was a complete gentleman the whole way through.  It felt a little strange at first…kind of a throwback to my first male nude in figure drawing when I was still in high school (you want me to draw WHAT?).  But, like then, I got over it fast.  All too easy and fun now.