Modern Renaissance Woman

I love going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by myself and getting lost there for hours.  I had been wanting to try some photos that look like something that would have been painted during the Renaissance, so when I met Mikki here, I knew she was the girl for that.  She had the wavy hair and more importantly comfort in her own skin.



Tea Party in the Attic

Ok…so, my mother-in-law gave me a tea set which included small pink cups with heart shaped saucers.  What happens when you give me a pink tea set with heart shaped saucers?  Uh…this:


I couldn’t help it.  I had these ladies over to shoot when I first moved to CT (lived there about 5 years), add the hideous couch in the background with a game of Candyland, and the rest is history…I glad they shared my twisted sense of humor.


Dusting Off The Old Work

Oh man…I’ve been going through shoots that I did when I was starting all this, over 10 years ago…I’m not sure whether to crack up or cringe when I look at them!  Can’t believe I’m showing you guys these, but we all started somewhere, right?  These gorgeous ladies were troopers.  The technical aspects, well, yikes, but they represent the start of a huge part of me, so I love them…call me sentimental 😉

Heather, 2004
Annie, 2004
Annie, 2004
Annie, 2004
Annie, 2004
Sara, 2004
Sara, 2004
Annie, 2004
Annie, 2004

Dress it up!

Know what’s fun?  Playing dress-up well into adulthood.  It makes me happy to give people the opportunity to put on an outfit, a costume, anything that lets them play around with who they want to be in that moment.  Part of the fun of shoots is sorting through wardrobe and seeing what we can come up with.  Sometimes it reveals things about the subject that they didn’t realize before…while others are well aware 😉

Alysa, wardrobe by Vecona
Alysa, wardrobe by Vecona