Tea Party in the Ruins

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Sometimes, I get a picture in my head.  This tea party at the abandoned farm was one of them.  I was fortunate to have these ladies make the trip to create these images with me.  IG credits from left to right: @meanwhileinthecostumeshop, @lilyvontrapp, @sisterite (who MADE that gorgeous headpiece), @miss_angel_inez, and @jayniejezebel.  I just gave the instructions for decadent outfits, and they pulled through beautifully!

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We are the weirdos, Mister….

Group Shoot Results

I held my first group shoot last Sunday, and it was FUN.  I decided to do this as a response to the negativity many have experienced in 2016, and give people a boost.

By some miracle, the sun decided to appear, almost oppressively.  We had a small, but very positive turnout with plenty of variety.  These brave souls braved the cold at Gasworks Park and have allowed me to share these with you.  Thanks all!

Speaking of permission to share images, something I encounter a lot is people feeling nervous that their pictures will end up where they don’t want them.  Bottom line is, if people don’t want me to share their pictures, I won’t.  As much as I’d love to show you the pictures of my niece from that day, she drew a boundary about being posted on the internet, and I respect that.

Might do this again in spring, when the cherry blossoms are out!

Dress Up For Grown Ups

Meet another photographer named Elizabeth that lives in WA!  We met under one of those “you two should meet” situations and we got together to shoot on Sunday.  She’s a cosplayer, and let me tell you…SO well armed with wigs, fun contacts, every color of eyeshadow ever, etc.  Girl knows how to play dress up like a champ!


DSC_7708 DSC_7613


Slinky, of course, was his usual pain in the butt self…so here’s yet another entry for the “Cats Interrupting Photo Shoots” series…




Freezing Nude

Here’s one of the results from the outdoor December shoot!  Believe it or not, this is in New York City…the Hudson River is to the right, and a stone wall that thankfully no one peered over is on the left.  A hidden spot in Ft. Tryon park with these wild branches.  Heather was a trooper, and before you think I’m too mean, it was 52 out…