Brittany in Central Park Part 2

This shoot was very mellow and relaxed…just wandering the park looking for interesting backgrounds, done in about and hour and a half.  When Brittany showed me this peach outfit, I was excited to shoot her against grays and greens.  Interesting how some of these don’t look like they were taken in NYC…little more of a fairy tale vibe.  When we got the bridge, we encountered some tourists with two little girls.  They were quite mesmerized with meeting a real ballerina!  Brittany was so sweet to them and they all got on their toes while the parents snapped a picture.

DSC_2802 DSC_2807 copy

DSC_2810 DSC_2864




DSC_2888 (1)


I do have a few prints from this shoot (and many others) available here: and more will be added shortly!

Let Me Save You Some $….

If you’re considering getting a portrait done, no need to spend a fortune on an outfit!  I’ve done many fun shoots with using tag sale items, inexpensive fabric, thrift stores, and snapping up things other people were going to toss.  None of the items in these pictures cost more than $2…the scrap bin in fabric stores is awesome!

DSC_0253     il_570xN.230013095

_HHX7046       il_570xN.275122171



Alysa rocks.  I did about three shoots with her, and she didn’t have the need to be “pretty” even though she is obviously quite gorgeous.  Modeling was her way of contributing to the arts, and I’m so glad I had the chance to work with her.  She wasn’t afraid of going dark and gritty.  Fiercely intelligent, and I sometimes find myself going through her shoots and finding an image I hadn’t noticed before…

A10 (2)





I’d been wanting to do a joint shoot with Heather and Marisa here, but don’t ask how I came up with this one! Two models, two fish, my tattoo artist on makeup, several people thinking I’m out of my mind…and here we are.  This took…many tries!  Animals are can be pretty tricky to shoot and these lovely male models were no exception.  CLICK!  Annnnnnd the fish has retreated to the reflective part of the glass and is now invisible!  Anyway…it was a fun/slightly nutty day, and both fish went on to live long and happy lives.  Although my cat was very interested….

DSC_0050 DSC_0060

DSC_0136 DSC_0150