Loving the Rain

I must say, it was a bit of a gamble moving to Seattle. ¬†I was (yes, was) one of those people heavily affected by winter weather back east, and I wasn’t sure how I’d handle the rainy reputation of the Pacific Northwest. ¬†Good news! ¬†I’ve learned to love moments in the rain. ¬†I’m not going to lie and say I love it all the time…but, I’ve learned to appreciate moments. ¬†I love the way the gray sky makes colors seem brighter. ¬†I love the way the raindrops feel on my skin. ¬†I love the sound it makes on the tent when camping. ¬†Overall, I feel more peace in winter than I ever have before.


Here’s Mari, stretching in her rain boots! ¬†Carkeek park.

Silent Snow

It was my husbands birthday last Monday, and when we saw the snow, we knew we had to get out to Saint Edwards State Park and go for a hike. ¬†After growing up on the East Coast, I didn’t think I’d want much to do with snow, but it doesn’t last long here. ¬†You get that beautiful first snowfall, and you better catch it while you can. ¬†This was a beautiful walk. ¬†It was so quiet. ¬†I love that about snow…silence, delicious air, and unmarked trails. ¬†And I love even more that I no longer have to shovel it.