High School Sweethearts

You know what’s kind of ridiculous?  I’ve had these two in my life for about 15 years and never once shot them together.  If you’ve been following for awhile, you know I’ve shot Heather, oh, a billion times or so, and David one other time.  He and I became fast friends in college, and I inherited his lovely wife through him.  We live in separate states and they have kids, so it’s hard for us to all get together in NY at the same time, but we finally managed, and here they are.  I prefer working with real couples as opposed to models pretending to be couples because the chemistry there is authentic…these two have been together since high school…impressive!



Dominance, Submission, Shiny

How do you know you have a cool mom?  The following conversation:

“Elizabeth, where did that slippery spot on the living room floor come from?”

“Um…I had a dominatrix standing on your fireplace and the slippery spot must be from the stuff that makes her catsuit shiny.  Oops.”

“Oh, ok, make sure you clean it up.”

“Yes Mom…”

I’ve shot many a person in the shiny gear, sometimes people in the lifestyle, sometimes people just exploring with the way it feels on camera.  Throw in my tendency to think of something ridiculous on the spot, and here’s a range….

DSC_0525 impromptu_nude_by_lizzusev-d65fcea

il_570xN.182783407 iPod_Fetish_by_Lizzusev

standing_maiiah_by_lizzusev-d1kewxn Sable_by_Lizzusev

Vintage Glamour

I am one sleepy girl this week…but vintage style always cheers me up.  It’s fun to shoot…in the film days, I used to stain prints with tea and lightly burn the edges to get that look.  Um, away from all the chemicals of course!

I find vintage style to be a great way for first time subjects to play around with the concept of sexy.  It can range from just a hint of leg peeking out from a robe, to quite nude!  Up to you how you want to do it!

Amber_Star_by_Lizzusev nikki_pin_up_by_lizzusev-d5hboor

tangled_pearls_2_by_lizzusev-d20ygpv typewriter_by_lizzusev-d36tp0g vintage_style_nikki_by_lizzusev-d65vfdo

What You Don’t See

I enjoy chatting while I shoot, and learning about different experiences.  People often think models are dumb, and pretty is all there is to them, but I’ve worked with an amazing group of people from all different walks of life, and am happy to report that they’ve been intelligent and awesome on many levels.  For example:

Former NICU and prenatal nurse, current VP
Film maker and Actress
Opera Singer and Clothing Designer
Owner and Founder of Clockwork Couture
Software Engineer

Film vs. Digital

I did some portraits of a woman for her online dating profile.  The goal for that sort of thing is to make sure to capture the person the way they really look when they are feeling good!  Sure, a bathroom selfie can show that, but…let’s get the lighting right!  Anyway, this particular person went on to find someone she really loves online and credits me for that.  I told her, no way, that was all her…her beautiful and interesting self…just lit properly 😉  I cant’ share those here since that was a private session, but trust me, she was very cool!

On a completely different note, a question I encounter over and over is the old film vs. digital debate.  I mostly shoot digital these days, since I can deliver a much faster turnaround time and don’t have to charge as much.  However, I do feel that film has a certain quality that digital still has not reached.  I used to spend hours in the darkroom…I miss that, but not the harsh chemicals.  Here are a few shots done with film.