Poison Ivy


The exquisite Lily VonTrapp came over to shoot some pin up/boudoir…I had texted her a picture of the green fabric I picked up, and she offered to bring her Poison Ivy burlesque outfit to play with. ¬†Obviously, that was a no-brainer ūüėČ ¬†I love all ivy details she came up with! ¬†It’s a little hard to see here, but if you look close, you’ll see that her lipstick goes from red to green!

In other news, I’ve started a Patreon page! ¬†I’ll be sharing fuller photo sets there, never before seen shots, and migrating most nude work over there as well. ¬†I’ll be sharing more about my personal journey as a photographer and a subject there, and digging deep on confidence and how people can feel better in their own skin. ¬†You can even sign up for a monthly print club! ¬†Link is here: ¬†Patreon

With your support, I can reach more people, create more intricate shoots, and help heal those who need it!  Thank you in advance.

Little Hints of Naughty

I get it. ¬†You may reeeeaaaaallly want to try a boudoir photo shoot, for yourself or as a gift…but then, all the “what if” thoughts start. ¬†What if someone else sees? ¬†What if we break up? ¬†What if someone from work recognizes me? ¬†What if I’m just too shy? ¬†And depending on your life/career, these concerns can vary in strength. ¬†Don’t want so-and-so from marketing to be whispering about your sexy photos by the water cooler? ¬†I hear you.

Guess what? ¬†You can work around that! ¬†I’m showing some samples of sensual images that range in identity…you don’t even have to take anything off, or even show your face, if you don’t want to. ¬†It’s all about choice, and what you think will make you feel comfortable.


Let’s talk. ¬†You tell me your concerns/boundaries, and we’ll work around that.

Book a Shoot With Liz


Yes, it’s about time for some more man candy up in this joint…

David is an actor/model, and my second instagrammer. ¬†It’s fun for me to meet and work with people I meet on instagram. ¬†Anyway, he let me know that he was coming to Seattle last Tuesday, so we decided to get together and shoot. ¬†Thankfully, he is a cat person, as Slinky pulled his usual diva stunts…