Vintage Glamour

I am one sleepy girl this week…but vintage style always cheers me up.  It’s fun to shoot…in the film days, I used to stain prints with tea and lightly burn the edges to get that look.  Um, away from all the chemicals of course!

I find vintage style to be a great way for first time subjects to play around with the concept of sexy.  It can range from just a hint of leg peeking out from a robe, to quite nude!  Up to you how you want to do it!

Amber_Star_by_Lizzusev nikki_pin_up_by_lizzusev-d5hboor

tangled_pearls_2_by_lizzusev-d20ygpv typewriter_by_lizzusev-d36tp0g vintage_style_nikki_by_lizzusev-d65vfdo

Dogs Interrupting Photo Shoots!

Ok, a few entries back, it was all about the cats!  This time, here’s Bella the Boston Terrier wanting her close-up, thank you very much….

Not a fully edited shot since a different one was the winner for the client, but I was entertained by Bella, so here it is.  What you don’t see is me lying on the floor, trying to shoot upwards with Bella licking my face 🙂

Model Brittany, Makeup by Leah Stangas

Lingerie Shoots

Lingerie shoots are one of my most requested shoots.  Sometimes it’s as a gift to the models significant other, but more often than not, it’s just for her, to make her feel sexy and confident!  Curious?  Give it a try…you too, gentlemen!

One crazy story:  I was at a womans house as she wanted to surprise her husband with some pin up style lingerie photos.  She looked great, but was nervous, which is entirely normal at the beginning.  The moment she got the courage to ditch the robe?  Ding Dong!  It was the Jehova’s Witnesses.  She clutched her robe tight and explained that, thank you, she already has that book while I chased the dog, who of course managed to bolt the second she opened the door.  I’m happy to report that the shoot still went well after that!

christen22 DSC_0040

foxy_maiiah_by_lizzusev-dpns1u angie_by_lizzusev-d1g9ddw mercedes_pin_up_by_lizzusev-d2vgx25


I loves me some corsets.  I don’t loves me wearing them for too long…I do love shooting them though.  Makes for beautiful lines, and not to mention, posture.  I’ve been fascinated with them since I was a kid.  I remember seeing Meet Me in St. Louis on Broadway, and getting to go to the dressing room of one of the actresses.  She was absolutely wonderful to me…I remember the dress she had to wear on stage…that thing weighed a ton!  The corset she wore underneath was authentic to the time period of the play.  Later in life after trying my first, I was thoroughly impressed that she could sing in that thing!  Anyway, corsets do tend to pop up in my shoots pretty often, and I notice the models attitude shift into a slightly more badass mode ;).  Don’t worry, never had a model pass out on me.

_DSC0147 _HHX2246 DSCF0121 Alysa 9 anduin-maiiah DSC_0208

Tea Party in the Attic

Ok…so, my mother-in-law gave me a tea set which included small pink cups with heart shaped saucers.  What happens when you give me a pink tea set with heart shaped saucers?  Uh…this:


I couldn’t help it.  I had these ladies over to shoot when I first moved to CT (lived there about 5 years), add the hideous couch in the background with a game of Candyland, and the rest is history…I glad they shared my twisted sense of humor.