Russian Style Fairytale

Sometimes the stars align and you meet the right people.  I was completely delighted when Celeste of Poppyseed Roll Clothing reached out on instagram to discuss working together.  She hand makes all her designs, and I was pretty blown away.  I recruited Lyz to model, Celeste invited Michelle, a wonderful makeup artist, and we got together to create these Anastasia inspired Russian Fairytale Princess images.  We had originally planned to shoot in a park, but Lyz suggested the Suzallo Library, and I’m glad she did.

I would have been happy enough with the results, but when a team has so much fun working together, all the better!  And my cat tried to get into EVERYTHING during prep. Of course.





Interested in becoming a princess/fairy/zombie/Tudor/whatever you want yourself?

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Four Models in One

Favorite thing to do when working with a makeup artist?  Turn them loose and let them have fun!  These shots are all of Heather, from the same shoot.  We went to visit MUA Theo Faulker and he spent the afternoon transforming her.  After this, people were surprised to learn that Heather’s real hair at the time was long, straight, and black.  My husband and Theo’s brother also made an appearance, the two gents in suits.  Careful!  If you hang around during a shoot, you might get drafted to be a prop!

_DSC0030 _DSC0049 _DSC0186 _DSC0238  I encourage fun, and experimentation whether you’re the subject, stylist, or just happen to be standing around at the time!