Wall Image

So, I recently shot this image for wallpaper for the new Marisa Perry Atelier location…I’ve never done wallpaper before so that was challenging and stressful!  The color didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted, but I’ve decided to (ok, fine, TRY to) stop nitpicking and be happy with the experience.  This was just a crappy shot done on my phone…


And this is the one off my camera.  They wanted a sexy pin-up look to show their rings on, and this model, Brittany, was wonderful…she’s a dancer and could hold that pose endlessly while we fussed.


Check out her instagram, lots of amazing shots there!  https://instagram.com/bricavaco/  Makeup and hair was done by Leah Stangas, another fab lady to work with….and here’s a behind the scenes look!

10984502_790219017699639_6115531333319104451_n IMG_6538