Rainbow Nudes!

New toy!  My husband presented me with a really cool color changing bulb for my lighting setup as I was shooting Heather…it even comes with a remote!  Yes, I’m in photo gear geek out mode, please bear with me.  It happens.  Anyway, this bulb combined with a fair Heather and my black wall resulted in these.  I need to experiment a little more and refine, but this was fun 🙂

DSC_2985  DSC_3030 (1)


Black and White Nude

I love working with a team…but I love being one on one with people too.  This young woman has been doing figure modeling on the side for quite some time…other careers have included management and the Peace Corps, and now she’s getting her Masters.  This shoot took place in just under an hour with some chatting.  I’ll show you more in an upcoming entry, but that one will require more writing time.  I love the elegance in her movements!