Poison Ivy


The exquisite Lily VonTrapp came over to shoot some pin up/boudoir…I had texted her a picture of the green fabric I picked up, and she offered to bring her Poison Ivy burlesque outfit to play with. ¬†Obviously, that was a no-brainer ūüėČ ¬†I love all ivy details she came up with! ¬†It’s a little hard to see here, but if you look close, you’ll see that her lipstick goes from red to green!

In other news, I’ve started a Patreon page! ¬†I’ll be sharing fuller photo sets there, never before seen shots, and migrating most nude work over there as well. ¬†I’ll be sharing more about my personal journey as a photographer and a subject there, and digging deep on confidence and how people can feel better in their own skin. ¬†You can even sign up for a monthly print club! ¬†Link is here: ¬†Patreon

With your support, I can reach more people, create more intricate shoots, and help heal those who need it!  Thank you in advance.

Cooling Off


You know what’s funny? ¬†This shot of the lovely Lily Von Trapp was taken at a big group shoot party, put together and styled by Celeste at Poppy Seed Roll costuming, with a really campy fun John Waters theme…and then I got this image. ¬†Not exactly in the spirit of the theme, but a nifty moment of tranquility…and a cool way to show off the makeup by Michelle Munoz. ¬†Sometimes results can surprise me.




I’d been planning this look for awhile. ¬†There’s a particular trail at Saint Edwards State Park that leads you down until you’re completely submerged in nature. ¬†It’s narrow, but not too difficult…unless, of course, you’re dressed like a nature goddess or lugging cameras. ¬†Challenge accepted. ¬†Heather was a trooper as she hiked down while mosquitos feasted on her, plants stabbed her, and the butterflies did their best to jump ship as they snagged on branches. ¬†I worked around the sneakers.

Don’t worry….she made it down in one piece. ¬†We ended the shoot at the bottom and relaxed near the lake and watched a bird of prey soar level with the water. ¬†It was a nice day.

The Corset Shoot

It all started when I picked up an antique Edwardian corset at a vintage shop for a great price.  Heather was due to visit, so I contacted my dream team costumer Celeste at Poppy Seed Roll and asked if we could get together and play with corsets.  We decided to have an Edwardian brothel shoot party with Heather, Lyz, and Michelle (makeup).  I was particularly delighted to have wardrobe and makeup in front of the camera this time!

Celeste did a killer job turning her living room into a photo set…so many perfect little touches everywhere!

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Hilarity ensued as the girls interacted, pulled laces, added gin to their teacups…Madam Celeste wasn’t taking any guff! ¬†I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard at a shoot before.

I decided to play around with some vintage styles, next…

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All in all, this was an uproarious (and naughty) collaboration with awesome people…Seattle, who’s next?