Revisiting Vulnerability…again

It’s been a strange time lately.  A lot has been changing and I’m not sure I’ve given my brain the space it needs to catch up.  I took these softer self portraits today in an attempt to distract myself from All The Feelings.  Didn’t work and that’s probably a good thing.  Many perceive me as a bit of a hard ass, but this is definitely part of me too.


I often feel the emotions of people around me, or the emotions of people I love from a distance.  I used to fall into the role of diplomat/mediator because people having a conflict would agitate me so much, feeling both sides at once.  Getting yelled at?  Like taking a few daggers.  I’ve tended to fall into depressions because shutting down became a requirement.  I know I’ve given myself rough edges and even been kinda scary to some just to keep them at arms length.  On the plus side, this has made me a good listener.  I’ve learned to separate myself and take time to figure out what’s mine and what is coming from someone else.  Now, I can sit with people while they process their pain and help them to the other side.

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Daphne and Apollo

DaphneApollo (1)

I’ve had a thing for mythology since I was a kid, and Daphne and Apollo is one of my favorites.  I had it in my head to do a Daphne and Apollo themed shoot for…oh, since I started shooting, basically, but I needed the right people.  Lily VonTrapp shared my enthusiasm for the idea when I brought it up, and I met Landon Chance at a fashion show and knew he was my Apollo.  He didn’t even flinch when I presented him with semi-obscene gold shorts.  We shot this in Carkeek Park, Seattle (while attracting side glances from passersby as I turned the rest of Landon gold).

Daphne, a naiad (water) nymph was determined to remain unmarried and untouched.  Apollo, the sun god fell in love with Daphne after Eros, the god of love shot Apollo with an arrow in retaliation for mockery.  He completed his vengeance by shooting Daphne with a different arrow designed to make her downright loathe Apollo.  What did we learn?  Don’t mock the god of love…


Apollo aggressively pursued Daphne…entitled much?



Trying to dodge one of the more powerful gods clearly presented a problem. Resourceful nymph that she was, Daphne appealed to her father Peneus, the river god for help escaping Apollo’s clutches.  (Special guest appearance here by David Frank as Peneus).


In order to escape from Apollo, Daphne had to sacrifice her body form so Peneus could use his powers of transformation…and seriously, what father would want their daughter with a guy like that?


Daphne elected to turn into a Laurel tree instead of succumbing to the sun gods desires.




Apollo grieved this loss and vowed to love her forever, crowning himself from leaves from the newly formed laurel tree…you know, when he wasn’t busy trying to bed the wives of other gods.


No means no, even if you are a legit god.  Get with it, Apollo.

HUGE thank you to the magical humans that made this happen!