Meet my first male nude subject ever!  I’m not even sure how long ago this was! I’d been shooting mostly women for a few years, and a few clothed males when Eric contacted me.  He was experienced in posing nude already, and was a complete gentleman the whole way through.  It felt a little strange at first…kind of a throwback to my first male nude in figure drawing when I was still in high school (you want me to draw WHAT?).  But, like then, I got over it fast.  All too easy and fun now.





Screaming – Self Portrait

So, this was me yesterday.  My friend suggested I start screaming more to release pent up tension.  It was pretty bizarre at first.  I am many things, but loud is definitely not one of them.  Know what?  It worked!


It was a nice freedom from a photographer/subject perspective, too.  This one doesn’t need to be pretty, just honest.