Know what no one tells you about weight loss? The identity crisis. I had tried to shed the weight before, unsuccessfully, for years. I was convinced that my biggest size was where I’d be spending the rest of my days, cringing through body shaming toxic environments. Nah, bro. I did the work to love myself at that size and it wasn’t always easy, but I did it. The universe went “that’s nice” and gave me a huge wake up call in June involving my blood pressure skyrocketing to ER levels. I started the keto diet and am down 50 lbs. Yay, right? Sure, totally. But, the part of me that I learned to love at my largest felt PISSED. Downright betrayed. “ExCUSE you…I thought we were cool.” That reaction was completely unexpected…did I do my job of loving that part TOO well? Why was I feeling devastated when my body was gaining energy? I wasn’t going to let this part have her way anymore, but I did need to give her a little space so, I made this video. It sucked. I’m naked and raw in this. It’s uncomfortable to talk about any of this. But it’s also freeing, so, here we are.

Strip Lights

Adding strip lights to your bedroom is a fabulous way to fight the Seattle gray!  I’m excited to be starting a long term project with a friend that will challenge us both…going to be a bit mysterious about it for now, but…hopefully I’ll be able to update you sometime next year 😉


This was my birthday self portrait last week…happy birthday to all you other Sag folks out there!

Nature Nudes

This was the night Lily VonTrapp and I did a shoot at St. Edwards State Park, and then hiked up a hill in the dark.  I turned on my photo light to lead the way!  She wore a shark onesie to keep warm.  True story.

These were my first nighttime nature nudes (yes, I love alliteration) and I enjoyed the way the darkness really allowed me to appreciate the texture of the bark and water.




All three of these are available as prints here.  I’m offering free shipping through 12/31!