Hey moms!  If you’ve spent the past few years not sleeping and covered in baby food, it’s time to reclaim the sexy!  Together we can restore that, give you a confidence boost, and you can enjoy doing something just for you.  When mom is happy, everybody is happy…let’s talk and see how we can make that happen for you…

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One Year

So, it’s my one year anniversary with this blog…I’ve had a lot of fun with it!  You’ve met old friends, new friends, gotten naked, danced, gone skating, come along on a road trip, moved from NYC to Seattle, and most importantly, gotten real and vulnerable with me.  I truly love what I do and can’t wait to make others (and possibly you?) feel wonderful in front of my camera.  Thank you for reading and observing…stay tuned.  And remember:  you’re fucking fabulous 😉